About David M. Sloane:

I've learned a lot of important things since I began negotiating baseball contracts in 1974. It's all about relationships... first and foremost with my clients and their families, but also with the team, the media and equipment companies.

I give EVERY ONE of my clients all I have to give. When they call, they get me - not an assistant or junior agent. I treat all of my clients with the same care and respect I'd expect from someone representing my son, and nothing less.  This perspective is best exemplified by the comment made by Hughes Torres, father of my client Joe Torres, after Joe signed in 2000 as the 10th pick in the first round. Hughes told me, “Having you as Joe's agent is like having a relative in the business.” That's the type of relationship I strive for with all of my clients.

I negotiate Baseball, endorsement & appearance contracts. That's my area of expertise. I have negotiated several “Landmark” contracts in my career: (click the links below for details on each of these deals)

1st $5 million contract for a “Set-Up” Reliever in 1998 for Mike Timlin

1st Contract in MLB history to contain an “opt-out” clause for a Player in 1999 for Carlos Delgado

1st contract in MLB History for more than $15 million for Carlos Delgado 2000

1st contract in MLB history to contain a “tax adjustment” clause for Carlos Delgado in 2004  (More about this deal here)


I believe that it's in a player’s best interest to be directly involved in handling his own money. It invites conflicts of interest to trust people in your agent’s firm for your financial services. Handing over your investments, taxes, budgeting & bookkeeping to your agent is a mistake.  I believe Michael Jordan said it best, “No one will ever do as good a job of taking care of your money as you will”.

Money is important, but I firmly believe that it's not only how much money an agent gets for a client, it's how he gets it.  If your agent handles your negotiations in a manner which alienates your team, the fans who buy tickets, and the media that covers your games, he’s not serving your interests well. I have chosen as my motto, "All of the skills, none of the hype" because nobody ever bought a ticket to see an Agent.

Obviously, I can't expect you to take my word for any of this- just yet. Please check out the rest of my site, where you'll find objective comments from prominent figures in the game, such as this one from Sportswriter Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star, who wrote "In the wake of Bonds' and Boone's surrender and A's free agent Jason Giambi's seven-year contract for Delgado-type money with the Yankees, David Sloane, who had wisely included a clause which allowed Delgado's contract to be reopened last winter, could easily be voted agent of the year".

Or this from Billy Beane, long time General Manager of the Oakland A’s, "Whenever you're dealing with a contract, it can be stressful. David has a sense of humor that can make it more pleasurable," after we worked together on Matt Stairs' contract for 1999. 

Or this from former client, Brad Cornett, "I liked the fact he didn't carry a lot of clients," Cornett said. "I knew when I called I wouldn't get a secretary saying that my agent is talking with someone else and that he'll call me back”.

If you would like to get in touch, please send me an email or give me a call to talk about how I can help you.  My number is 954-328-7690.